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Last Ship Site is Down

Dreamhost.com is having a system-wide problem which is affecting website access. This is making connecting to The Last Ship either very slow or impossible at the moment.

Status (~4:00 pm PST): SITE IS NOW AVAILABLE


Unscheduled Downtime

The archive is down. It is not scheduled.

Down: noon
Back up: 12:19


Issue: Authors should be able to add their stories to other authors' open or moderated series. It is not apparent how that can be done.

Analysis: This *seems* to be something to be accomplished by setting individual author's administrative level (2 seems to be right). When that is done, then an author can click on "Add to series" when browsing the list of series. I don't like that because it all appears to give anyone who has that level access the ability to delete stories and series not belonging to them. If I can modify it such that only the ability to add to series shows, that will work.



Admins and series owners have the ability to add stories to existing series. Instructions for series owner to add a story by another author to one of their series:

Account Info-->Manage Series-->Add to Series-->Choose another author

Select the author.
Select the stories to add to the series.

Permanent: *Probably* Admin level + coding changes. Am still looking into this, especially with respect to the forums on efiction.org.


Issue #1: Review Alerts Email

Reported by shirebound.

Problem: The review alerts email notifies authors that they've received a new review. The email includes a link that should take the author to the specific review. It doesn't.

Analysis: The link that's sent with the email contains an incorrect path: http://thelastship.org/efiction331/index.php/anotherfilehere.php?params -- so it's nonsensical but the browser is trying to interpret by showing the index page but without a skin.

Solution: Gotta find the right .php program that produces the path and edit that.

STATUS: FIXED (3/23/08)

Nov. 11th, 2007

Just a quick post to say welcome.

And also that I have created a back-up journal over at GreatestJournal:


So in case the site goes down and LiveJournal goes down or we all decamp to GJ, that venue will also be there for us. Thank you to elderberrywine for the suggestion!